At last night’s meeting of Weyburn City Council, a discretionary Use Development Permit was passed unanimously. 

The permit is for an ‘Open Air Concert’ at Pumpjacks on May 31 and June 1, 2022, during the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show. The event was proposed to take place at Pumpjacks in a tent to the east of the building, with music playing from 8:00 p.m. to midnight.  

The application was circulated to applicable City departments and some feedback was provided such as a fire safety inspection being required, and the volume is reasonable at the discretion of a Peace Officer.  

Councillor Laura Morrissette said she did struggle to vote in favour of this motion, as there have been concerns with noise and litter left behind in previous years.  

“I just wanted to let the residents in that area know that their concerns are being heard and we are taking that into consideration,” said Morrissette. “We're asking people to have patience, but if they do have concerns, please call our police service or please call City Hall because we really want to make sure that everybody can work together.” 

She added the concert and the Oil & Gas Show are great opportunities for the city.  

“There are lots of people coming in and visiting, potentially looking at setting up businesses, so we want to accommodate everyone.” 

Morrissette is excited to have people return to Weyburn for the Oil & Gas Show after a number of years without this event. 

“I encourage people who don't know much about the oil industry to go and educate themselves because really, that's what keeps where our economy going.” 

The Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show is returning after three years, on June 1 and 2 at the Exhibition Grounds in Weyburn.