As the rain came down last evening, a number of items were on the agenda for last night's regular meeting of Weyburn City Council.

Council approved the Weyburn Agricultural Society's application for a liquor license to host a beer gardens at their annual fair days in July. Read more HERE.

Some more finishing touches were approved for Weyburn's Official Community Plan, and reports were received from the Fire Department, as well as from the Water Treatment Plant and Public Works.

In fact, Mayor Marcel Roy proclaimed this week as Public Works Week in Weyburn.

"We've got a small staff that we have year round, and then we add to the Parks crew throughout the summer to help keep the grass mowed and just keep our city clean along with the help of the citizens," shared City Councillor Laura Morrissette. "They're a great group of people. They do a whole lot of hard work. I know the last couple of months have been a bit rough with snow removal, so thanks to the crews who are out there and our street sweeper, I've seen that out and about. And the people who keep up the regular garbage pick-up."

Morrissette took advantage of the Inquiries and Announcements portion of the meeting to remind everyone that it's also Wey-Clean Week.

"It's going to rain all week, but they're not going to melt," she joked. "So if people would just get out and will pick up some garbage in and around your neighborhoods, we'd really appreciate it. We've got the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show coming up and it's tourism season, so we really want to put our best foot forward and show the rest of Saskatchewan what we've got to offer and especially a clean city." 

Council approved a tender for the delivery and installation of a service body and crane to Truck Outfitters Canada Inc. of Regina, for  $75,579.90. 

Industrial Electric of Weyburn was awarded the tender to install new traffic signal infrastructure at Government Road and 1st Avenue north. The project will cost $76,796.75.

Some items from last night's agenda, however, remained unresolved for the time being.

The Owner of Fido's Place, Cindy-Ann Boehm, was unable to have her zone contract application levy fee waived, and City Manager Mathew Warren suggested she continue discussing the matter privately with the Administrative staff.

Also, a delegate from the Southeast Military Museum made a request for the City to invest in commemorative banners. Council said they will review the request, with many Councillors voicing their support for the initiative.

"We have to stay mindful that it's City taxes and peoples' money that they're giving to us and making us responsible to distribute," Morrissette commented. "So we want to make sure that we do the best possible job we possibly can and remaining fiscally responsible."

photo by marnaCouncillor Ryan Janke and Councillor Jeff Richards were not in attendance for the May 9th meeting.