The second meeting of March for Weyburn City Council goes tonight at 6:00 p.m. 

The first item on the agenda for the night will see the councillors presented with the report from the Public Works Department for the month of February. 

There will be a vote on the extension of the deadlines for the assessment roll. The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency had yet to get the rolls to the City of Weyburn staff for review in time for the April 1st deadline. The request is for the deadline to have the rolls reviewed, and tax notices sent, to May 31st of this year.  

There will be a discussion and a vote on a pre-budget approval request for the 2023 budget from the Weyburn Fire Department. They are requesting new turnout clothing. There are six sets that were purchased last April, with another 10 sets ordered in January of this year. Ten more sets are needed to ensure enough suits are on hand.  

Council will also talk about city-owned residential slots. There are currently six lots located near Assiniboia Park Elementary School that the City of Weyburn owns, and have owned for over a decade. They are looking to divest themselves of these residential lots, and there has been a recommendation from the administration to reduce the cost of the vacant lots.  

We will have full coverage of the meeting, on-air and online, starting tomorrow morning.