There will be quite a bit of discussion when Weyburn City Council meets Monday night, as they receive one of the biggest reports from the administration, at least when it comes to growth within the City of Weyburn.

The annual Planning and Development report will be tabled and is likely to bring up a fair amount of discussion amongst the councillors. The report will provide an overview of the operations of the Planning and Development Department, as well as a summary of the permits reviewed by the department in 2022.

The report shows the construction value of the permits in 2022 was the lowest since 2018, at just $6.2 million, with much of the value coming from the residential and commercial categories. In all, there were 60 permits issued across all categories last year.

Of the 60 permits, just one was for the construction of a new house, valued at $1 million. There were three permits for new mobile homes valued at $720,000. Five of the construction permits were for the building of new commercial buildings, and there were no new industrial construction permits issued.

The remaining permits were for additions or alterations, or in the case of residential permits, for garages.

The tax arrears report will also be back before the council during the meeting. While it was presented at the meeting on February 13th, it did need to have a vote by the council in order to take the next steps in the enforcement process. Once the notice is issued for those on the arrears list, they will have 60 days to pay the arrears, or a lien could be registered on the title of the property.

A couple tenders will also be discussed and voted on.

A new ice plant refrigeration chiller for Crescent Point Place and Tom Zandee Sports Arena was also put up for tender. The current chiller is at the end of its life cycle, and proactive replacement is needed to prevent the loss of a season due to failure. The new chiller is expected to have a service time of upwards of 25 years.

The other tender is for the annual boulevard tree pruning program. There were two bids received for the tender. There is $30,000 budgeted for the program this year. It is expected that 300 trees will be taken care of this year.

A potential clerical error from 65 years ago could also be rectified. SaskPower is requesting to enter in a lease agreement with the city for the land that is occupied by their substation on the southwest side of Jubilee Park. It turns out that neither SaskPower nor the City could find the record of the original lease.

There will also be a report on the levels at Nickle Lake heading into the spring run-off. The report indicates that the lake did see overflow conditions into July of last year, and remained near full for the rest of the year. To help ensure the levels remain near full, the City of Weyburn is also looking to continue to promote water conservation within the city.

The meeting starts at City Hall at 6:00 p.m. Monday night. We will have full coverage, on-air and online, starting Tuesday morning.

**updated to reflect changes to the agenda, as the crack sealer is no longer being brought forward at the meeting.