A good way for artsy-crafty types to connect: a Craft Supplies Swap will be held on Monday, January 30th, at 6:30 p.m. at the Weyburn Public Library (WPL).

Adult Programmer Krista Klemmer said it's also a great way for those who may have too much or not enough craft supplies to even out their supplies.

"Feel free to bring all of the craft supplies that you want to get rid of," she invited. "Any craft or art supplies are welcome."

Klemmer said if there are some larger items, such as sewing machines, paper cutters, or even large totes, "it might be easier to just take a picture of them and show the people that come and leave them at home and you can arrange for a swap after the program."

"We're hoping to swap some craft supplies with other crafters, maybe do some chatting, hanging out, and networking with other artsy people in our area."

She said she wanted to create an opportunity for crafters to exchange ideas and mediums they're no longer interested in with someone they know would appreciate them.

"As creatives, I think we have trouble letting go of supplies unless we know that the person will get good use out of them. It's also a chance to chat and connect with other creatives in the area too," she added.

Those who'd like to participate can pre-register for free by calling the WPL at 306-842-4352.


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