On Monday, October 2nd, you can join the Creators Theatre Company for an acting workshop led by Weyburn's own Bernadette Mullen. This session comes prior to her 8-week-long acting courses also starting in October, as a way for prospective members to try the craft and gauge their interest before committing to a full course. Mullen is an award-winning actor having starred in such films as 'Welcome to Kittytown' and 'The Sabbatical', and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Performance Theatre from the University of Regina.

Mullen shares that all proceeds gained from this workshop will be donated back the local arts community in support of its post-pandemic recovery and for its future growth. 

"You know, I grew up in Weyburn and I am so pleased to see how the arts community has grown through the years. We have so many artists and entrepreneurs who have made it a vibrant landscape... I think so many of us took such a big hit with those lockdowns though, and it can be a bit of a struggle to come back. So this workshop will be a fundraiser for the Tommy Douglas Centre and Crocus 80 Theatre Group!"

All aspiring actors ages 8 and up are welcome to attend the one-day workshop, with no prior experience required. In fact, the workshop is targeted towards those with nothing more than an interest in acting as an inexpensive way to gain their first experience in a positive setting. Mullen also encourages parents to join their children and share in the fun together. 

"It's uber affordable! It's only $25 per person, so if you're a parent and you're interested in testing it out as well, you are more than welcome to join your kiddo. It's all going towards a good cause, to give back to the Tommy Douglas Centre."

The workshop is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the first Monday of October, to be held at the Tommy Douglas Centre in Weyburn. The only materials that participants are required to bring are their own provisions and an eagerness to participate.

"Bring your enthusiasm and a smile, bring a water bottle and a snack, and we'll have some fun for those four hours. We'll get you on stage, we'll get you doing some character development, some improvisation, and we'll play lots of cool games. It's a great way for you to dip your toes in and see if my longer courses are something you want to pursue, without a huge financial commitment. It's going to be a blast!"

Following the workshop, Mullen will also be leading two separate 8-week long courses which will dive deeper into the process of expanding your imagination and developing a unique narrative, with the goal of sharing those stories with a live audience at each of their respective conclusions. The ages 8-12 course will begin October 3rd, and the ages 13-18 course is set to start on October 5th. 

To register for the workshop or the 8-week courses, to seek further information, or to contact Bernadette Mullen directly; Please visit the Creators Theatre Co Facebook page or refer to the posters below. 



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