While some projects around the city are wrapping up, others are just getting started.

The section of the Tatagwa trail near Highway 39 has been reopened. There was work being done around there over the past few weeks. Another project that has wrapped up was one that was unexpected. Work has finished on the boardwalk along the Souris River after it had been closed late last month for repairs.

One project that has now gotten underway in earnest is the construction on 5th Street between Prairie and Coteau Avenues. The first phase of the work, which will see the curb and gutters taken out and replaced, is expected to last roughly two weeks. During this time, there will be restrictions on parking and traffic, including access to driveways.

Another project which is getting underway today is the replacement of the bulbs in the traffic lights at the intersection of Highway 39 and 3rd Street. While this work is underway there will be detours. As well, the intersection itself will be treated as a 4-way stop when the detours aren’t in effect. The work is expected to be completed today.