Voting began on Monday for the Saskatchewan Music Association's 2022 Best Saskatchewan Albums and Album of the Year, and a Weyburn musician is on the list.

Dan Cugnet's sophomore album, '45' has made the cut, and now it's the public's turn to vote.

"It is a real honour to be recognized on the Long List of Album of the Year," Cugnet told Discover Weyburn. 

He said the selection is narrowed down by a jury, and then the actual selection and voting is done by the general public.

"What makes it neat, is that this is all comprised of Saskatchewan musicians and groups and that it isn't specific to any kind of genre. So there's rock, hip hop, folk, country…anything and everything in this category," he noted. "There is some amazing music being created here within the province."

Cugnet said while he hasn't had an opportunity yet to actually hear his songs being played on the radio, he knows they are being played. 

"I've had people mention it to me, and I also get some data about streams and plays through some distribution software," he shared. "It's cool to know that a song is being played on a radio station somewhere, and I’d like to thank Golden West radio for giving some of these songs some air time."

He said he has, however, heard them playing during the intermission at Red Wings games, and "it's been cool, or, when someone sends me a clip of a song being played at a rodeo or cabaret."

"It's very cool to be recognized this way, but I'm just happy for these songs to find new ears, and hopefully someone hears something they like and can connect with. That's the goal."

Find the link to vote HERE. Voting closes November 16th.