The Weyburn Salvation Army is reminding those who need help with Christmas this year, the deadline for their Christmas Assistance and Adopt-a-Family programs is this Friday, November 25th at 5:00 p.m.

"If somebody is wanting to be adopted, so those low-income families that need some extra help at Christmas, if they need to apply for assistance, that will be the November 25th deadline," said Community Ministries Worker Shannon Fodchuk.

She said they have a number of people who have volunteered to sponsor families this year.

"If somebody is interested in sponsoring they can just get ahold of us because we do take late applications, so we do always have some families that we can match them up with," she noted. 

The Christmas Assistance program is for those who don't have to worry about presents under the tree for children.

"Those are for individuals and couples with no children, we help provide a meal for Christmas, it's for like an actual Christmas meal, not just our typical food hampers." 

She said the Friday deadline is ideal, but nobody is turned away at Christmas.

"We do understand some people may move to town after that, and we'll help everybody."

Fodchuk said the best way to apply is to call 306-842-2280 or go to their Family Services office to book an appointment time.