Last Friday night, the Weyburn Police Service had a guest in the cells after a chance encounter.  

An officer on patrol saw a man who was intoxicated, in the middle of the street, yelling and causing a disturbance. The officer also noted that he was being aggressive.  

“Fortunately, he was able to talk to the individual and get him into the car, and he was actually taken into custody and given a safe, warm place to sleep until he was sober,” explained Deputy Police Chief Brent Van De Sype.  

In situations like this, police will take a course of action that is dictated by the circumstances, Van De Sype pointed out. This includes assessing the situation to ensure that intoxication is the only issue the person is dealing with.  

“We want to make sure that they’re safe, and if there’s a sober adult we can turn them over to that’s quite usually an option that the officers can take,” Van De Sype said. “If there’s not then they will spend the night here at cells until they’re sober and more likely be released without charges.” 

He did clarify that there can be charges laid in some circumstances, but it would be completely dependent on the individual situation.