Local residents, Janice Bakken and another person who would like to remain anonymous, are spreading the Christmas Cheer along the trails adjacent to Saskatchewan Drive in Weyburn.  When taking a stroll through the beautiful trails at this time of year, you will see the trails are decorated with Christmas ornaments.   

Deck the Trails was inspired in November 2020 due to the COVID lockdowns.  “In November when it was shut down, we were wondering what we were going to do... so we thought it would be a good idea, as an act of kindness and to bring joy to people,” shared Bakken.  

“The next day we came back and there was more decorations and more decorations and pretty soon the entire community got involved,” added Bakken. 

Some people expressed concern that maybe the decorations were infringing on wild life. 

“I did talk to somebody from the Wildlife Federation and they said trust me, those trails are so well traveled that deer are nowhere near there, and we've never seen any deer droppings or anything,” explained Bakken, “That's a big area.  There's plenty of room for the deer and plenty of room for us.” 

Bakken said, “The property is owned by the City of Weyburn so it was important for us that we got permission to hang things there, and also to agree that we would maintain and take things down afterwards.”  

Anyone walking is invited to decorate the trail, if you would like to retrieve your ornaments all ornaments must be taken down by January 2, 2022, otherwise; Bakken will take down your ornaments and save them to be used to decorate the trail again next year.