Temperatures in the Weyburn area are expected to take quite a dip from what we have gotten used to in recent weeks. So far this month, we have seen an average daytime high of -2.4° and an average overnight low of -14.4°. That is all about to change this week.  

Cloud and snow hovering over the southeast part of the province is also a bit of a saving grace, as it is helping to keep warmer air trapped in the area. For parts of the province to the north, extreme cold warnings are in effect. It doesn’t mean that Weyburn will miss out of the cold, though, according to Eric Dykes, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

“If we’re thinking about normal highs around -3°, we’re almost 20 degrees below normal as we get the highs of -22° on Wednesday and Thursday here, so very, very cold temperatures throughout most of the work week, with good news being that it is a few days' worth, and not a few weeks' worth, as we do get back towards normal for the latter half of the weekend,” explained Dykes.  

The drop in temperature is something that Dykes said is normal, but not normal, for the prairies.  

“We’re not seeing a lot of temperatures near normal it seems over the last few weeks,” Dykes added. “It’s either been very much above normal, or very much below normal, which maybe, perhaps, works out to normal in the long run, but we haven’t seen a good stretch of days where it’s been consistently near the normals for this time of year.” 

In terms of snowfall, there isn’t much accumulation expected in the coming days. There is the possibility of some snow Tuesday, as well as Wednesday night, but the drier conditions mean there isn’t as much moisture in the air that can turn into snow. However, to the west of Weyburn, things could be quite a bit snowier, with winter storm warnings in effect for much of the southwest.