When we said we wanted some rain, this wasn't exactly what we had in mind. 

Last night a storm system rolled into town, bringing lots of thunder and lightning and, by 9:00, rain!

As of 6:00 this morning, Weyburn has gotten roughly 74 mm of rain...AND IT'S STILL RAINING. 

Jennifer Wilkinson, with the City of Weyburn, noted that there is flooding in some areas of the city due to the sewer system being overwhelmed. City residents are being asked to reduce their water usage for the time being.

Not to worry though, if you look out on the streets, there is LOTS!

Thanks to Denise Kennedy who sent these in last night.

photo by denise kennedy
photo by denise kennedy
photo by denise kennedy

Listeners Melissa and Dunston also managed to get some video of the situation on the streets.

With more rain expected as the day continues on, we think that James Brackpool sums it up best...

james screenshot