The Weyburn Police Service reported that three people are now facing charges after committing a a dine and dash last week. 

Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype said they ordered and then indulged in the food.

"Basically, the three individuals went to a restaurant, ordered some pretty expensive food totaling well above $100 for the three, and, to this point, they have failed to pay for it. I believe they were given a chance to pay for it, but they haven't at this point. So they are now facing charges." 

He said the charges are laid under the Criminal Code of Canada.

"It's for fraudulently obtaining food or lodging, so there is a Criminal Code charge for it, but this was a situation where the business had kind of hoped to work with them and hope they would come back and pay for it. But like I say to to the time to right now, I guess they have not done that and so the officers decided to proceed with the charges."