Adult dodgeball is coming soon to Weyburn, and like the fictional movie character Patches O'Houlihan said, "Remember the five D's of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge." 

Ryan Dale, Leisure Services Manager with the City of Weyburn, explained his inspired idea to start a dodgeball league.

"I was just doing some research online one day, and I had a community member actually bring up to me some interest in dodgeball, which got me to doing some research on the computer. I found out it was one of the most trending adult sports right now in the country. So I was like, hey, why don't we give this a try? and here we are."

"It's something we played as children in elementary school and high school growing up, and why don't we bring it back, and we're doing that. "

Dale said the league will be run in Legacy Park gym, just like the volleyball league, and registration opens the morning of February 1st, in their online system.

Weyburn adult dodgeball league

"We're very grateful to have a wonderful joint-use agreement with the Southeast Cornerstone division, and we have a very positive relationship with them, so we are able to use their gym, which is a huge bonus for the city."

In addition, Dale said that there are so many health benefits to the game of dodgeball, but also some safety reminders to take note of.

"The number one rule we'll have is shoulders and down are okay, but no throwing at the head or anything. Basically you're out if you do that, we want to make sure everyone's safe and having a good time and no one does get injured."

He said they are capping it at eight teams right now, but if they have a large interest, they are definitely open to making other arrangements so everyone is included.

Dale added to stay up-to-date with the dodgeball league through the City of Weyburn Facebook page, and any questions can be directed to the Credit Union Spark Centre.