A&W donated a bunch of hamburger buns to the Salvation Army! So we spoke with Shannon Fodchuk about the donation,

"A&W reached out to us on Monday and they had an excess amount of buns and they would like to start donating more often to us to help with the community so we can expect weekly donations from them."

This was a really nice surprise for the Salvation Army as they've had an increase in clientele and could use all the help they can get. 

 "It's great to see that businesses are coming around and know that they can donate those kinds of things to us knowing they'll be used."

If a business is looking to donate to the Salvation Army you can call Shannon Fodchuk at the Family Services office. 

"We can even arrange to pick up as well like they can call me and arrange and let me know what they have we will mostly take anything we have a lot of clients right now so anything helps right now."

Some things they need most right now are pretty much anything canned, soups vegetables, fruits things like that.