Weyburn could see another bout of severe weather tonight, as systems coming from Alberta and Montana make their way into the region. The thunderstorm outlook from Environment Canada, which is released every morning, shows a moderate risk of a severe thunderstorm for the area.  

“It’s kind of a double-barreled system, so where you are will sort of dictate what’s going to happen,” explained Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. “In that southeast corner, there’s a low-pressure system in Montana that we know will spawn some more showers, thunderstorms – good risk of severe weather coming with this.” 

There is a high-pressure ridge that is sitting over southern Saskatchewan which is helping to mitigate the risks of extreme weather. The pressure means that if thunderstorms do form, they may struggle to stay strong. As well, the warm air moving north, and cooler air with showers coming south, could interfere with the development of storms.  

The thunderstorm outlook is predicting the most likely scenario to develop will be a line of thunderstorms developing in eastern Montana that will move east throughout the evening and overnight. This will rob areas to the north of moisture and energy, and pull what storms do develop to the south.  

The central grain belt could see even more rain than Weyburn, however, with upwards of 50 millimetres being projected for that region. This has also prompted a rainfall warning for some areas.  

“That’s not likely to affect Weyburn in the short term,” Lang added. “That band will move through, but it will have weakened quite a bit, so probably some showers, maybe even a thundershower tomorrow – a few strikes with that – and then it’ll be on its way.” 

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