It’s the very first day for Southeast College’s new CEO, Vicky Roy. 

Roy is joining the College with over 17 years of post-secondary experience in Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, and now southeast Saskatchewan.  

“I think it started yesterday at midnight, and I was awake at 4:00 o'clock in the morning trying to see how I can engage in my first communications with the board of governor and also the internal and external community,” said Dr. Vicky Roy. “I'm excited. It's a new journey, my kids are going to university and my husband was born in Saskatchewan and is excited to come here, and it's beautiful.” 

Roy is coming from Medicine Hat, where she was the vice-president academic and provost at Medicine Hat College. 

“I didn't start as a prof or as an instructor, I started managing education, and went back to discover the pedagogy of it and came back in management when my kids were ready, for me to have more hours and focus on management.”   

Roy has big goals in her new position. 

“I think the title matters and doesn't matter, because I'm a huge believer in co-leadership. That doesn't mean that I cannot make decisions. The difference for me is it’s all about collaboration. Collaboration not only internally with the faculty, staff, the executive management, and the Board of Governors, but also listening and creating new stories with the external communities.” 

She added she is people-oriented and would like people to reach out to her with ideas and suggestions.. 

Donna Nyeste, Acting Board of Governors Chair said she is pleased to have Roy join the College.  

“Her personality is just so energetic, we're pretty excited about that and excited for the staff,” said Nyeste. “It was a bit of a haul trying to find the appropriate candidate, and I think as a board we’re all pretty pleased.” 

The college had an interim CEO for around six months, and there was a period of time without anyone in the position.  

“We have a great staff so they're fairly self-sufficient, but we're glad that we have some leadership now.” 

Nyeste added she is looking forward to what Roy is going to do for Southeast College.