As the Spring Session of the Legislative Assembly came to a close last Thursday, Weyburn-Big Muddy MLA, Dustin Duncan, said it was a successful sitting for the government.

"I think it was a session that really focused on ensuring that Saskatchewan's economy and our finances are back on track and that we're able to see important investments into things like healthcare and education," he noted. 

"Our surgical backlog is receiving additional dollars this year," Duncan pointed out. "Surgical initiatives to reduce the backlog that unfortunately accumulated over the last number of years, and so that's, I think, going to be a big focus of this upcoming year, as well as additional money into mental health and addictions, as well as adding new ICU beds to our province, and building new urgent care centres in both Regina and Saskatoon."

He said not only is the healthcare budget a high priority, there have also been some key initiatives on the economic side.

"The partnership that we have with a number of provinces on the development and the strategic plan for small modular reactor development in the province, working with industry on developing a potential hydrogen hub, as well as investing in helium liquefication," Duncan explained.

He said Premier Scott Moe was able to go on a trade mission to the United Arab Emirates, India and the United Kingdom. He also was able to meet with some Ukrainian refugees in Europe.

"We're hopeful that we're able to be the host province for a number of people that are fleeing from Ukraine."

Duncan noted that he has had a number of constituents that have reached out to him wanting to help people that are fleeing Ukraine.

"Just in wanting to be there and to support people that may be arriving in Saskatchewan, and arriving in the Weyburn area. So it's been tremendously positive, the response that we've received, based on the comments that we've made as a province, that we're going to open our doors to however many want to come, and for however long they want to come."

He said they've introduced a new stream through the Immigrant Nominee Program, which allows those fleeing Ukraine to make Saskatchewan their home. 

"Whether it's short term or the long term, we will take as many people as the federal government will send our way. So I think people will see more on that in the coming weeks and see greater numbers coming to Saskatchewan."