E. Bourassa and Sons will be making a draw tonight for rodeo tickets, but not until tonight. So, if you receive a message from someone saying you've won the draw before tonight, it's a scam.

Marketing Manager Britney Fisher said someone is actually impersonating their organization to run this scam.

"We have a contest giving away tickets to the rodeo in Weyburn as well as Wood Mountain, just through our social media accounts. It was kind of like a like share comment sort of campaign that we were running," she explained. "Somebody created a fake account. They didn't quite hack into our account, but they have created a fake account impersonating us."

She said the imposters are calling themselves E'Bourassa, with an apostrophe instead of a period.

"That is not us," she confirmed. "They're commenting as well as sending messages to a lot of the people who entered their names saying, 'congratulations, you won'. That is not correct. We have not done the draw yet. 

We're not doing that until later today, so if you had received that, we apologize."  

Fisher said the draw is going to be made tonight and they will post the winner on all their social media platforms. 

"We've posted about this, but just to remind people, don't click anything that these people are sending you, and if you can, please report that account because we don't want scammers like that out in the world."