Early bird tickets for Weyburn Concert Series 2022/23 season are now available until June 15. Season tickets can be picked up at one of the two box offices, Old Fashion Foods or the Weyburn Review. They can also be purchased online at the Weyburn Concert Series website or purchased through any of its 20 members. After June 15 regular prices will go into effect. 

The new season will be sure to delight audience members as they will have the opportunity to experience a wide array of artistic talent, from tribute shows honouring the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Sir Paul McCartney, and Sir Elton John, to the harrowing true story of Marina Nemat, a political prisoner who narrowly escaped execution in Tehran but was able to flee to safety becoming a Canadian refugee in 1991. 

Weyburn Concert Series prides itself in honouring multiple musical genres and forms of art while creating quality experiences for its audience members at affordable prices. 

“The artistic mandate for Weyburn Concert Series is that we bring in diverse quality entertainment at affordable prices,” explained Linda Aitken, President. 

And they deliver! Early bird prices are only $135 for six evenings of professional entertainment, that’s only $22.50 per show. These inexpensive ticket prices are lower than most amateur shows. 

For further details on the upcoming season, you can go to the Weyburn Concert Series website here