For the second month in a row, Saskatchewan is leading the nation in year-over-year growth in the two key indicators of manufacturing sales and wholesale trade.

Larry Heggs, Executive Director with Weyburn Regional Economic Development said we keep up fine here in the Weyburn area, with various industries, including steel manufacturing.

"People don't necessarily think about manufacturing in our region or in our area, but it's most definitely going on," he stated. "We've got some great steel fabrication plants. We've got all kinds of industry continuing and as industries, the Oilfield industry, agriculture industry, as it increases and gets busier, then consequently, the manufacturing piece has to increase as well. So we may be not the leaders in the area for the manufacturing piece, but we're certainly great supporters of it."

Last week was Economic Development Week.

"There's just so much to celebrate when it comes to our local economic development, we've got great industry, some super innovators, we've got great business leaders within the community, and what's the chance to take a week out of a year and just say thank you to them for what they bring to the table." 

This is just one reason why Heggs said their organization is seeing a great response to the 'Why Not Weyburn?' campaign.

"Just the sheer amount of people looking to move out here for work within Canada is fantastic. It just speaks to our demand, within our economic development, and our community, that allows us to have those jobs available to people, whatever the industry be. Agriculture, oil, you know commercial, retail, whatever that looks like, there are lots of good things going on in Weyburn right now." 

Heggs commented that, in spite of Weyburn's growth in population and industry over the past 15 years, "It's still got a kind of a community feel to it. People know other peoples' children and it's just a great community for that. We've got so many things to be thankful for." 

"The strong Saskatchewan economy continues to grow and lead the country," Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  "These significant double-digit growth rates in manufacturing sales and wholesale trade - and both by a wide margin over the provinces with the second-highest growth rates - shows our province is open for business and we are poised to further increase our exports around the world."

In March 2022, the value of wholesale trade in Saskatchewan increased by 28.9 percent (seasonally adjusted) compared to March 2021, which was first in terms of percentage change among the provinces.  The increases in year-over-year wholesale trade were led by the farm products, food and beverage, and miscellaneous merchant wholesalers categories.

Saskatchewan's manufacturing sales increased by 44.6 percent (seasonally adjusted) in March 2022 compared to March 2021, which was also first in terms of percentage change among the provinces.  The manufacturing sales increase (year-over-year) was led by increases in the chemical, food, and wood products manufacturing subsectors.

The total value of wholesale trade in Saskatchewan in March 2022 was approximately $3.2 billion. The total value of Saskatchewan's manufacturing sales in March 2022 was more than $2.2 billion.

Urban housing start numbers for April 2022 were also released today. Compared to April 2021, urban housing starts in Saskatchewan increased by 43.6 percent, which was third in terms of percentage change among the provinces. In the first four months of 2022, they increased by 28.4 percent compared to the same period in 2021.

-with notes from a press release