As summer is quickly approaching, so too is the risks of disasters and other emergencies such as flooding, tornadoes, and more.

To that end, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency has started up its Emergency Preparedness Week, lasting from May 7th to 13th, 2023.

They're looking to share crucial info for people who could be at risk and should be prepared in case of an emergency.

Public Education Program Manager Jamie Markowsky, says they're working with plenty of organizations to get the word out.

"Emergency Preparedness Week is a nationally national event supported by Public Safety Canada and other Emergency Management organizations, including the Public Safety Agency. The national theme this year is "Be prepared, know your risks"."

Markowsky says it's an opportunity for people to look up whatever risks are most prevalent for themselves.

"It's just a time for everybody to look up different risks that they have to deal with. It could be, you know, all-weather risks, flooding, emergencies, all that type of stuff and so you want to make sure you know the risks in your area and you want to make sure you have a 72-hour emergency kit prepared and ready to go just in case you need it."

You can find resources that will be posted throughout the week HERE.