With daytime highs touching the 30-degree range this week, and forecasted highs of 33 degrees and sunshine this weekend, pet owners will need to use extra caution to keep their pets safe.

"Dogs and cats can't cool off quite like we can," explained Dr. Andrea Clark with Prairie Animal Health Centre. "So they only sweat through their feet, and they lose heat through panting. It doesn't take a lot of heat for them to overheat considerably, and a lot of animals will go beyond their limits just because they want to do what we're doing." 

Clark said we have shoes on so we don't notice, but the animals feel it, and they can even be scalded. 

"Breeds that have really short faces, like your pugs, your bulldogs, and so on, they can overheat considerably faster than, say, a dog like a lab, so they're pretty fragile once it gets to a certain temperature. "You've got to be very careful, " she reminded. "I know with my own dogs, we limit the activity after about 25 degrees or so. They can walk around, trot around, but we don't do any running or major exercise." 

She added to ensure your pets have constant access to water, and of course, remember to never leave your dog in a car on a hot day.