Thanks to an initiative from CF Sunrise, to attract tourism to southeast Saskatchewan, six explorers will be sharing on their adventures in the region. 

"We're really excited about the initiative," said Christina Birch, Regional Economic Coordinator with Community Futures Sunrise. "We've hired six explorers to head out throughout southeast Saskatchewan to explore the region and promote all of the great destinations that we have within it." 

She said whatever adventures await in the area, it's likely one of the explorers will find it and promote it on social media.

"So we have a Facebook and Instagram page that people can follow along with the adventures of our explorers," Birch noted, adding the handle for both is @exploresesask . 

"You can follow them along as they're exploring throughout the day, and then we'll be posting lots of different contests on there, and different itineraries, or big trips or multi-day trips, that people that are looking for something to do on the weekend can kind of use to develop their itinerary." 

Birch said it all began as a way to attract visitors to our wonderful communities in southeast Saskatchewan. 

"As people are starting to move again, post-pandemic, we really wanted to promote all the wonderful businesses that we have here in the communities that exist," she noted. "If people are interested in having an explorer visit their community or visit their business, they can reach out to me. My number is 306-861-7013, and we can talk about the process to make that happen." 

She said the explorers will be exploring from now until March 31st, 2023. 

"We hope to extend it past then, but they'll be traveling throughout the region in the summer, the fall, winter, and moving into the spring, so there will be something for people to follow all year round."

Birch added it was actually during the pandemic when many realized just how many opportunities there are in southeast Saskatchewan to explore throughout the winter and throughout the summer, and it will be nice to show that off to the world.

The explorers are Monique Wilms, Justin Marcotte, Brady Johnson, Lindsay Manko-Bauche, Nicole Currie, and the Red Chair Amigos, made up of Pam Altwasser, Shannon Douglas, and Connie Arndt.

Monique Wilms is a mother of two, wife, teacher, homeschool curriculum writer, photographer and content creator. Monique and her family love to add education and learning while exploring.

Justin Marcotte hails from Torquay, Saskatchewan, where he farms and sells crop insurance. He loves southeast Saskatchewan because it is full of down-to-earth people. He loves taking road trips to look at the scenery and trying new places to eat along the way.

Brady Johnson is a southeast Saskatchewan-born business owner and outdoor enthusiast. She loves hiking and paddle boarding and is always on the hunt for a delicious meal.

Pam Altwasser, Shannon Douglas, and Connie Arndt have been friends for what may seem like a lifetime. They became fast friends when they met through farming and their kids’ sporting activities. They have travelled across North America and Saskatchewan; together, they are the Red Chair Amigos.

Lindsay Manko-Bauche - is a mother of two young children and hails from Weyburn. She was born and raised there and moved around the country for schooling and jobs before returning home to start a family. She believes there is so much wonder around us and feels the southeast is too humble. She is ready to tackle sharing her young families travel experiences.

Alida-born, Nicole Currie, is a mother and grandmother. She loves southeast Saskatchewan; in particular, the small-town beauty, sunrises, sunsets and that she gets to experience all seasons.