Extreme flight delays are affecting Canadians across the country as well as many areas in North America. Several Weyburn residents are currently experiencing these unfortunate circumstances. 

Tina Krahn and her husband were scheduled to depart from Regina International Airport on Monday, December 19 at 10 am. However, plans have a way of changing, Sunwing delayed their flight and over the next two days, they received 10 delay notifications. The first eight messages cited the reasoning for the delay was due to “Crew can no longer be utilized for departure,” and the final two notifications said the delay was due to the weather. After a 52-hour delay, Tina got a full flight refund from Sunwing including an additional $125 per person called an inconvenience fund. 

Ashlie Marx shared, “I flew Sunday, and we did reach our destination, but every single flight leaving Calgary that night was canceled or delayed. My flight was 3 hours late.” 

Tacey Lynn messaged to say that they were to fly out of Cancun this past Monday, however, they currently continue to wait. We asked what kind of additional arrangements she had to make on short notice. 

“I’ve had to take more days off work and so has Talen. We have pets at home that we’ve had to have taken care of for longer, kids have missed more school and sports, fingers crossed we can leave tonight.” 

Dianne Voz was supposed to depart from Varadero, Cuba yesterday, and her flight has been delayed twice, she’s hoping to fly out this afternoon. 

asdExtreme flight delays, photo courtesy of Ashlie Marx