"It comes to us from OSAC, which is the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils," explained City Curator Regan Lanning. "It is four artists, Belinda Harrow, Jennifer McRorie, Elizabeth Munro, and Wendy Winter, and the exhibition itself is fiber-based, so it's embroidery, it's sewing, it's quilting, and it uses that medium to explore generational ties and relationships in families."


Lanning said she loves that they've used this medium to discuss this particular subject matter.

"With fiber art, so often, it is handed down generationally. Like, I learned to knit from my grandmother, I learned to sew from my mother, and by using a medium that is so generationally tied, and family tied, to explore the concept of family dynamics is beautiful."

She shared, "When my grandmother passed, one of the things I kept from her were her knitting needles. She's been gone for 20 years now, but anytime I'm knitting, it's kind of like she's with me and I can still feel her hands over mine when she was teaching me. So it's it's a beautiful way of remembering, and this exhibition is all about that, those family ties, the meaning, and the things that we learn and the the politics and the relationships."

The exhibit, she noted, tours across Canada, and will therefore not include a reception. However, it will be up for May and June. 

Lanning added the other exhibit up at the Weyburn Art Gallery is, 'Viccissitude'. Read more HERE.