In the last week, producers have been incredibly busy out seeding in southeastern Saskatchewan, despite this part of the province receiving quite a bit of rain over this past weekend.

In the Weyburn area specifically, McKenzie Hladun, Crops Extension Specialist with the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the Southeast is at 18 per cent of crop in the ground. 

"So this is actually slightly ahead of last year's seeding progress which was at 16 per cent. However, the region is behind the five-year average of 51 per cent." 

This year, Hladun said that the lentil crop is the most seeded crop right now in the Weyburn area.

"Lentils are about 42 per cent of this year's crop being seeded right now. This is closely followed by field peas, which are at 39 per cent seeded. Durum is 26 per cent seeded, while spring wheat, barley, oats, and canola are all about the 16 per cent seeded as well."

Hladun explained that soybeans are seven per cent seeded and this is also the crop with the least amount of acres seeded right now. 

In the Weyburn area, Hladun said that the topsoil and moisture for both cropland, pasture, and hayland is adequate for the region. 

"So about 79 per cent of cropland is being rated as adequate topsoil moisture, and 88 per cent of pasture and hayland is also being rated as adequate."

Hladun went on to say that, "19 per cent of the cropland in the Southeast is rated as surplus topsoil moisture and two per cent of it is also short. Four per cent of pasture and hayland has surplus topsoil moisture, whereas seven per cent of the topsoil moisture is short, and there is one per cent that has very short topsoil moisture."

Hladun added that a lot of producers are busy right now doing pre-seeding, spraying, and herbicide applications, and quite a few are moving their cattle out to pasture for the spring.

"Pastures are starting to green up, which is kind of making everyone a little bit happier this time of year, to see nice green grass growing."