The Festival of Trees was a huge success this year, raising $44,027 for the Family Place.  

Executive Director Dawn Gutzke says the Family Place is feeling the love.  

“Honestly, the support pouring out of this community once again is just absolutely amazing, from all the donations of the silent auction items - there was 131. That's just outstanding. All the bidders all week long, the support was just so awesome.”  

This year’s silent auction raised $14,727 compared with $9,206 last year. 

“People went above and beyond. That was our highest silent auction in all the years of Festival of Trees, ever.” 

Gutzke says it was exciting watching the bids on the trees yesterday. 

“The numbers were higher than we expected so that is exactly what we needed, and we just want to thank the entire community for everything. Every involvement big and small it doesn't go unnoticed and it means the world to us.” 

A few trees have been donated back to the Family Place by bidders, including by Darren Boren and Annugas Compression. $1,000 was also donated by Kal Tire, and $500 by Cresent Point.