Southeast Saskatchewan played host to a storm at the end of the weekend that delivered hail which ended up damaging property.

The storm came in later in the day and for some, the arrival of the storm seemed to come from out of the blue.

No heavy winds were reported, and there was some moderate rain that followed the hail.

Rose McInnis, who lives east of Weyburn, says that the hail was some of the largest she's seen come down.

"We were coming home from Regina and noticed some thick clouds coming up from the south, we didn't think it was going to hit the place, and within ten minutes of being home all of a sudden, we were hearing these huge pongs off of the roof. It was huge hail, I put a toonie beside one of the pieces, it was way huger, probably about four to five toonies."

Other areas reported hail that was as large as aluminum cans.

The hail that did come down ended up damaging property pretty badly, with multiple vehicles on McInnis's property being affected.

"We had four vehicles in the yard, each of them facing different ways, every windshield has damage, the roof of all the vehicles are damaged, the cargo trailer was pummeled. Side passenger vehicle windows were broken out of one vehicle, and then just all the denting from all of the hits that they took."

Overall McInnis said that it was quite the storm, as she ended up seeking refuge since the storm sounded violent indoors.

"It's probably the worst hail, I've never heard that kind of noise on my roof before, I literally moved to the inside of my house. Wasn't worried about the wind, it was the hail coming through the windows."