The Weyburn Public Library is currently having a Book Sale. 

They've got all sorts of stories and informational books you can look through and choose from. For great prices ranging from .50 cents to $1 or $2 dollars, all the money will go back to the library as it's one of their bigger fundraisers. 

"No book over a dollar and we do have puzzles this year which are $2 dollars," said Linda Moffat, a WPL Board Member.

Puzzles at the book sale for $2.00$2 dollar puzzles at the Weyburn Public Library Book Sale

You can shop today until 5:30 tonight and then again tomorrow, and all day you can fill a book bag or box for $10 dollars! 

Find a fun story or good book for a steal of a deal until Saturday at 4:00 p.m.

Book sale 2022