After a campaign that officially kicked off on April 11th with the call for nominations, a winner has been declared in the City of Weyburn's by-election for city council.

With 437 votes, or 43 percent of the votes cast, Larry Heggs has been elected to Weyburn City Council. Trevor Tessier was second in the race with 325 votes. Dana Pretzer had 170 votes and Brandon Tichkowsky 75. 

"I think it's fantastic. Anybody who knows me knows I love the process. I love the ability to have the elections, and to have the voting and the whole thing works very well and I'm glad we've done that process," commented Heggs.

"I think that the whole group was very valuable to the community. I think we all have our own niche or our own particular direction within the community that we fit into. So I'm pleased," he noted. "I would be lying if I didn't say that I was happy that I won. But I think that all the candidates were great opponents and I certainly look forward to campaigns in the future and I thank you for putting your name forward." 

Heggs will be replacing Dick Michel who stepped down for personal reasons in March. He will sit in on his first meeting as a City Council on June 12th.