The first mural was painted on the weekend, in a multi-year project to have all of the dugouts in Jubilee Park painted with murals.  

Members of the Weyburn Arts Council started outlining the mural on Friday. 

“It's part of our new philosophy with moving into the Spark Centre, which is a facility that combines rec and art that we should be working together,” said Regan Lanning, curator with the city of Weyburn and the Weyburn Art Gallery. “We should be collaborating more. We don't have to be on opposite ends of a spectrum. We can be together in the same facility and use the same stuff.”   

Lanning said the design of the mural and the idea for the project came from Weyburn’s own Logan Mainil.  

“We were chatting and he had brought up the idea of painting the murals on the dugouts and I just thought that was such a wonderful idea and so did Arts Council.” 

Lanning said the response to the first mural has been exciting for the Weyburn Arts Council. 

“We are excited to continue further with the program.” 

The project was not sponsored, and leftover paint from another mural created by the Weyburn Arts Council was used.