J.D. Power & Associates has once again named Fletcher's Funeral Chapel & Crematorium Services the Top Funeral Home Location in Customer Service.

This is the sixth year in a row they have received this honour.

"You build a relationship, you build a connection with those families, and it's an honour and a privilege to be able to help them in this time," she intimated. "It's hard for them at that time, but it's nice to know that they put that trust in you to take care of them." 

The award is the result of a survey the clients take following their experience with Fletcher's.

"The families get to put their comments and do like a rating on the survey, and then that gets sent back to us for review, because not always are families comfortable with coming directly to me and saying anything," she noted.

She said the score needs to be around 985 out of 1000 in order to have this achievement.

"I actually look forward to the surveys, just because if there's anything that I can improve on, then hopefully I can see it in there," she shared. "If there's anything that we can change or something like that, if it's good feedback to us, you always can improve in any career that you're in." 

Seghers said she loves her work.

"I just feel honored and privileged that I get to be in my community, to help families through one of the most difficult times in their life, and be able to be here as long as I have in the same career," she said. 

"To me, it's not a job. To me it's more than that, it's helping people."

While she has said it herself many times, others have also pointed out to Tamara just how meant for this line of work she truly is.

"I do feel that this career is what I was meant to do, but a hat's off goes to my whole team, because without them, this would not be possible," she commended. "I have a team behind me that supports me in every aspect of this business, and honestly, without them, I probably wouldn't be able to achieve what we have achieved, so a hat's off to them, too, because they're a great group to work with. We're like a little family."

Seghers will celebrate 18 years with Fletchers this August.