Weyburn Firefighter Jola Bell-Erb, while highly ambitious, is not one to head up onto a stage.

But when presented with an opportunity to help out the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital, the 2024 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters calendar was worth a step outside her comfort zone.

The competition began with the option for patrons to pay per vote online for one of the 16 contestants, followed by the first in-person calendar selection event since 2019.

Then, Bell-Erb participated in the 2024 Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar Selection Night on April 22nd at Casino Regina, which saw the greatest ticket sales in event history.  

"I was a bit nervous because I'm not one to go on stage or go in front of a whole bunch of people, but I did it."

"I feel like me being on there, being a firefighter like it was an honour because just showing myself and showing that it's not just for males, it's not just a male calendar."

She said knowing this, she hopes more women will try out for the calendar in the future.

"It's just the whole getting up on stage is the frightening part, but after you do it, it's like you feel so good, and I can check it off my bucket list now."

Bell-Erb shared that she got to choose her walk-out song and then showed her muscles and mingled with the crowd.

"Shook some hands, gave some high fives, gave some hugs, and just had a good night."

"I got to meet so many people from all over, which was so fun because now, we're still messaging each other, and the energy of everyone cheering each other on backstage, it all felt like family, kind of, because we all felt the same and we're all firefighters."

The $20 calendars will be ready for sale this fall, but you can order online and there is a space where you can put Jola's name to have it included in her distribution.

The final product will Get the calendar HERE.