The 42nd Annual Weyburn Communithon was a great success this year, and another goal well-exceeded from this year's big event was their Youth Ambassadors program.

Volunteer Lindsee Michel said they wanted to have more youth involved this year, and they got an overwhelming response of nine young people.

Michel herself was once Lady Charity. 

"A lot of times I was doing things by myself," she shared. "It was good for my confidence just to being able to be in front of people and just understanding the value of giving back to your community. So when I went about this, my goal was to get about four to six kids to get the ball rolling."

"I love youth, and I just think there's a ton of youth that would be great for this role," she noted. "I don't think anybody really understood what I received from that, so if we could give more kids that opportunity, I thought it would be a great thing."

She said she asked both of her kids if they knew any kids who might consider the role and its implicit responsibilities.

"It started out with them suggesting a couple and then it just morphed into these nine wonderful kids, and it's nothing that I can even take all the credit for. It's them."

Those who stepped up were Brody Walters, Jyllian Payak, Anna Tronson, Jarret Hayward, Ella Leko, Spencer Bell, Natalie Butz, Falon Jordens, and Nolan Uhren.

"We had a few meetings and they had suggestions and they were so willing to do everything that I asked them to do so I just feel like it will grow every year," Michel said.

Much like the term succession of board members, she said they had Grades 11s and 12s this year to ensure more consistency from year to year.

"My hope was Grade 11 and 12, and so we will lose some next year because they're seniors, but while doing that, the Grade 11s have a year under their belt and they'll be my leaders as I bring some new kids on, so that was my biggest thing is the ability to just roll with it, as opposed to just fresh start every year."

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