The Weyburn Police Service held a checkstop on Government Road, on Sunday, October 30th, in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Highway Patrol.

"We had five or six officers that are out there," said Police Chief Jamie Blunden. "SGI does look after it financially, with respect to the cost of our checkstops and our high visibility projects."

He said they were able to stop over 300 vehicles," he noted. "Out of those 300, there were four driver's licenses that were suspended for the 72 hours for testing positive for cannabis on our oral fluid devices."

There were also two tickets issued under the Traffic Safety Act, but overall, however, Blunden said those numbers are good. 

"It would be nice to get zero suspensions, is what we're looking for, to be perfectly honest," he commented.

"Compliments to the drivers of Weyburn and everybody was mostly behaving themselves with the exception of a few."