The last day or so has seen a freezing drizzle advisory in effect for the Weyburn and surrounding area.

Terri Lang, Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, explained that there was freezing rain on Friday and Saturday, but now there's freezing drizzle, and you can tell the difference because freezing drizzle droplets are a lot smaller than freezing rain droplets.

"We need sort of an organized weather system to give you freezing rain, and for freezing drizzle, all you need is some thick fog, and we certainly had that over the last little while. It looks like it's going to continue just because there's no weather patterns to change any of that, unfortunately. So we continue in this sort of dreary, foggy, freezing drizzle type of scenario." 

Lang said that the freezing drizzle will likely continue in the Weyburn and southeast area into the foreseeable future. 

"Especially in the morning times, when the fog is usually at its thickest, and that's when the freezing drizzle sort of comes out of the clouds. Kind of gets a little bit better during the day, and then back into the soup in the overnight period."

She added that the roads are extra slippery as a result, and it's important that individuals are prepared for the extra icy and slippery surface conditions, as freezing drizzle can produce thin, hard-to-detect layers of ice.

"It's freezing onto the road because the road is below freezing temperatures, whereas the drizzle is still liquid. So, as soon as it freezes onto the road, that's it, it makes for that layer of ice." 

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