The Family Place received a $17,785.07 cheque recently from the Tim Horton's Smile Cookie Week campaign, held in early May at the Weyburn Tim's.

Assistant Director at the Family Place, Judy Lumb, said this was the highest proceeds yet from this event.

"They did sell a few less cookies, but because the price was higher this year, that's why the total is higher. So instead of being a dollar cookie, they were $1.50 this year."

She said they also moved the Smile Cookies event to spring when previously it was held in the fall.

As always, though, they had help from some local businesses to help with the cookie production.

"We have a few different businesses around town that have gone in like the Royal Bank, Fletcher's Funeral Chapel, Royal LePage," she shared. "They've been coming for a few years now and it's been amazing."

She said they like to help out with the decorating and boxing of the cookies because their preschool and staff take pre-orders.

This year's total is an increase from last year's, and there has been a steady increase year over year of cookie sales.

"I think when we started out, it was around $7,000 and then it just kind of got a little bit bigger each year. Last year was just over $15,000. So we were quite surprised with this total. Who doesn't love cookies?"

Lumb added they will be putting these funds toward a new play structure for their new location on McLelland Street, where they'll be moving at the end of June.