E. Bourassa and Sons are giving back with their summer BBQ fundraisers from both their Weyburn and Radville Locations. The Radville location will kick off the summer fundraisers beginning Wednesday, June 15, and then at the Weyburn location on Thursday, June 16. The BBQs will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day. 

“All proceeds will be going to the Radville Marian Health Centre Auxiliary,” said Jayda Boren, E. Bourassa Wanderer. “They are charging $8 for a burger, pop, and dixie cup.” 

Their Radville location will be having two more fundraisers throughout the summer on July 13, and August 17, where the proceeds will be donated is yet to be determined. 

The Weyburn location will kick off its summer fundraising fun on Thursday, June 16.  

“All proceeds are going to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, we are charging $8 for a hotdog, pop, and chips and $10 for a burger, pop, and chips,” said Boren. “The Weyburn Beavers will also be onsite helping out.”