Lots of fun, food, and fur baby therapy will be happening at the season opener this Sunday at the Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park (WTAP). 

“We're going to have food available for purchase during the lunch hour and afterward, and so we encourage people to bring their appetites,” said Jody Larsen, President of the Executive Board, WTAP. 

Added to the excitement is Houligan Acres who will be bringing several furry friends to enjoy. 

“They're going to be able to do some up close and personal interactions. And so we're really excited to have some other members of the community participating in that day, just helping us to really bring the season into full gear this year.” 

Larsen also encourages people to bring vegetable scraps, including carrots and lettuce but reminds people that things like rhubarb need to stay home because they are toxic to animals. 

The day will also bring the opportunity to get pictures taken with their therapy mini-horse Charlie. 

“We have a photographer by the name of Sherry Lynn who is a local photographer that is going to be taking some portraits during the day.” 

Larsen continued, “The Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park is always encouraging people to reach out about one-time or ongoing volunteer opportunities. We have lots of opportunities to work one-on-one with our animals caring for them throughout the season. So, feel free to reach out if you’re looking for more information on volunteering.” 

The event will kick off at 11 am Sunday, June 11, and at noon a hot dog BBQ lunch will be available.