“Now, as we come to our final days together, we’re being handed the opportunity to leave this school, and for some, this city, with the legacy we each created throughout our time here.” 

Those words, from WCS valedictorian Emersyn Jordens as she addressed her fellow graduates, and the hundreds in attendance, at the WCS grad ceremonies held at Darold Kot Field Saturday. 

The ceremony, held outdoors this year as opposed to indoors in the Cugnet Centre or at Crescent Point Place, saw the graduates walk in together to the song ‘Best Day of My Life’ by The American Authors. With the weather being warm, but not too sunny, the graduates each took the chance to cross the stage to receive their diploma from Principal Ryan Fowler.  

Many of the students also gave Fowler a golf ball, a tradition that goes back a few years.  

After the diplomas were handed out, the students were addressed by Fowler, Norma Hewitt-Lendrum on behalf of the South East Cornerstone Public School Division, Tasha Lanz and Michelle Wade on behalf of the parents, and Joanne Jensen on behalf of the teachers and staff of the school.  

The toast to the teachers was presented by Troy Dickie and Sidney Sidloski, and the toast to the parents by Chanel Lanz and Tasey Gerle.  

After the ceremonies wrapped up at the football field, the graduates gathered by Tom Zandee Sports Arena, and climbed onto their floats, as they embarked on a parade through Weyburn, something that started in 2021 that many were hoping would continue this year and beyond. After the parade, the graduates then returned to Crescent Point Place for the Grand March.  

Here are some of the photos that we captured during the day. 

Congratulations to the WCS Class of 2022.