Mrs. Candice Porter's Kindergarten class at St. Michael School once again this year were host to another school - a school of fish.

Since receiving 100 eggs in late January through the Fish in Schools Program (FINS), sponsored by the Weyburn Wildlife Federation, the students watched as the eggs became fish, then on Friday, June 2nd, they all went to Mainprize Lake to watch them be released.

"On Friday we released the rainbow trout into the trout pond, enjoyed a Barbeque lunch provided by the Weyburn Wildlife Federation, and enjoyed some fun at the beach before returning to school," shared Porter.

"The program provides students with a first-hand look at fish and aquatic habits in their own in their own classroom," told Larry Olfert with the Weyburn Wildlife Federation in a previous interview. "The program involves raising trout from the egg stage to fry, and then to fingerlings, then they release them into water bodies." 

This is Mrs. Porter's second year participating in the FINS program.