As the cleanup continues from the massive dumping of snow that we received here in the southeast corner of the province, here are some of the images you sent to us on social media of what you saw during the snow. From drifts covering entire vehicles to impassable roads, this is your perspective on one of the biggest April snowfalls in Weyburn's history. 

Thank you to Kristina Brasseur, Megan Wilderman, Rhonda Davis Croal, Tom Culbertson, Elisa Fawcett, Falon Brydon, Cayla Shelly, Katie Clarke, Kristy Giroux, Sundae Kleven, Randii Gagnon, Brendon Lowe, Naw Dah, Ashley Soderholm Wilson, Dallas Rosemarie Wuschenny, Jeanita Perry, Janet Borschowa, Melanie McFadden, Jae-Anna Johnson, Tanis Francis, Kennedy Rainey and Jenifer Riviere-Hunter for submitting these photos.