For the second year in a row, one woman has gone above and beyond to help ensure students returning to the classroom in Weyburn have the supplies they need. Bree Patterson helped to cover the cost of the Weyburn Salvation Army’s back-to-school program and was there for the delivery of the supplies Wednesday afternoon. 

“I think the biggest inspiration is just making a bit of a difference in kids that might not have school supplies otherwise,” Patterson said.  

“When we all come together, it sure makes getting the kids ready for school a lot easier,” added Cassy Baumgartner, the Family Services Worker with the Salvation Army.  

This year, the supplies were all put together through the School Start program, which is an online service that parents can use to help track down the supplies students need. For Patterson, it made things a lot easier than last year, when she went and purchased all of the supplies herself, and packed the backpacks.  

“This year, actually, it was a suggestion from the Salvation Army gals and way more efficient and organized and easier all around, and the kids are getting great materials,” Patterson said of the change.  

This year, the program will be helping out 46 kids in the Weyburn area, which was slightly down from the numbers last year.  

“I would say a decrease just because we changed the format, so cut-off was earlier, but next year hopefully parents know that as soon as the school’s done, come see us,” Baumgartner noted.  

“If this is the way I can help the community, even in just a small bit, I will definitely,” Patterson told Discover Weyburn when asked if she would be helping out again in 2024. “I’m looking forward to next year.” 

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