Community Futures Sunrise will be hosting a Southeast Saskatchean Tourism Network meeting for anyone who wants to help promote tourism in our area.

Regional Economic Development Coordinator Christina Birch said they held the first one in December.

"We have been working with communities and tourist associations on a one-on-one basis throughout the region, and many of those communities had indicated that they wanted to collaborate with surrounding communities for the purpose of the visitor, economy and tourism, so we decided to host a meeting in December and that was our first meeting that we a large number of representatives from all throughout the region, so we have decided to have it again." 

She said they are looking to support communities and their tourism efforts businesses and their tourism efforts and really attract some additional people to the region.

"We work with both communities and tourism associations, and with businesses," said Birch. "We provide a wide variety of support to the region so we will continue to provide the platform for regional collaboration through this development of this network. But we also provide education and training to communities and tourism associations around the visitor economy, and then we also have a course that we provide training for businesses through, so we have our destination business program, and to date we've had a total of 53 individuals, both communities and business representatives participate in that course." 

"And then of course we will be creating a regional website for the promotion of Southeast Saskatchewan as a tourism destination," she added. "So there's lots of different types of support that we're offering, and we've got more in the works, too." 

"We're inviting anybody that's interested in further developing the tourism economy in Southeast dispatch Saskatchewan to participate so that communities counselors who are looking to diversify their economy, tourism associations, businesses, just a variety of stakeholders, anybody that's interested in registering, we just ask that you let us know."

Contact Birch directly at 306-861-7013 or you can visit HERE and RSVP there.