Mainprize Regional Park is officially open today for the golfing and fishing season.

"We planned a nice little first date today with our restaurant and our Golf Course. Essentially though, the rain has started and we're hoping that we get a little nice weather and are able to get everyone out there golfing by next week for sure," shared General Manager Michelle Walsh. 

"Our campgrounds will be open on May 16th, and our entry gate will be open this Tuesday," she noted. 

Yesterday was the first day of fishing season throughout the province. 

"We've got out boating docks in, so soon as this rain kind of clears up, anybody can get out here and get fishing," said Walsh, adding they went in on Wednesday.

The Mainprize Golf course now has a new management team.

"They have lots of fun things planned, between the stages of starting our Sprinkle Into Spring tournaments, and getting our seniors men's and ladies' nights and also some junior lessons, Setting up programs for everybody in this are," she explained. " 

Walsh added that on Thursday, there were about 15 boats on the lake. 

mainprize dock