Curtis Riersgard and his uncle Nathan Riersgard stayed the night at Heritage Village last weekend.  

The two Estevan ghost hunters stayed in three different buildings at Heritage Village, including the Stutt House. 

“We captured a lot of stuff,” said Curtis Riersgard. “We communicated with a spirit that we believe is John Stutt in the Stutt House, and we asked him if he was here. He said he was through our equipment. We captured figures and a whole bunch of cool stuff.” 

He said they use several pieces of equipment went they hunt ghosts.  

“We have an EMF meter, which detects electromagnetic field which spirits are said to give off,” said Riersgard. “We also have a device called a spirit box. It uses radio frequencies, the FM and AM stations, and it rapidly sweeps through those radio stations, and spirits are said to be able to talk through the white noise. We also have a device called an SLS camera or a 360 Kinect camera, which allows us to see the figures.” 

He added the spirit box doesn’t capture full conversations.  

“It's mostly just like blips and stuff like that. I know that the spirit in one of the houses said my name through it. You can hear it clear as day. It comes through the box and says my full name and it's crazy.”   

The two have been paranormal investigators for nine years, and both find Weyburn to be more haunted than Estevan.  

“The Tommy Douglas building, I would say, is one of the most haunted buildings I've ever investigated to date.  I've been to over 14 different locations, I've been all over Saskatchewan, and Tommy Douglas is the one that really sticks with me and the one that I remember the most.” 

Their Youtube channel, Purgatory Adventures can be seen HERE