If you want to support the Weyburn Humane Society but you're not in a financial position to do that with monetary donations, you can sign on to help out with a variety of volunteer opportunities.

In fact, the WHS even has a Facebook group, WHS VOLUNTEERS.

According to Fundraising Committee Chair Korryn Kubashek, your time earns the shelter much-needed funds when you help out as a volunteer.

"We do the safe ride home, we do the booze ticket sales at a wedding, we've done things like cleaning the tables, or being the actual bartender," she noted. "$20 an hour per each volunteer, so if we have one driver it's 20 bucks an hour to make sure your guests get home safely. So really it is a good program, and then you don't have to worry about scheduling people to be a bartender or any of that." 

"I know people are strapped for cash, so you can't afford to give a donation, this is a way of giving a donation of your time, that still helps the shelter. Technically you've made them $20 for driving for an hour."

She said all they need is a copy of your driver's license to put you on their insurance. But for those who don't drive, being involved in events in other ways is still a big help.

Volunteer opportunities will be posted to the Facebook volunteer group, noted Kubashek, and they may start using a What's App gropu to ensure more people can stay in the loop.

The WHS currently is recruiting helpers for their Poop Scoop fundraiser, which has been getting a great response from dog owners. Read more HERE.