January is the time of year when many are thinking about what goals they would like to achieve during the year ahead.  Some of the top goals are keeping a regular fitness routine, drinking more water, decluttering your home, saving more money, and eating healthier.   Helping others achieve their goals has been a passion of Gail Vilcu’s for the past 13 years.   

Vilcu breaks down goal setting into a five-step system. 

“First step is you must know what your ‘Why’ is and it has to be a really strong ‘Why,’ explained Vilcu. “If you don’t have a really strong ‘Why’ then the ‘How’ will stop you because how do you get what you want if you don’t know why you want it?” 

“Next step is the plan-do and review, and that’s where you have to take a look at last year and take a look at what worked and didn’t work, explained Vilcu.  “Because when you know what worked then you can apply that coming into the new year and when you look at what didn’t work you can readjust.” 

“Step three is stepping into a place of gratitude,” shared Vilcu.  “A lot of people forget where they came from and what they already have.” 

“Step four is you have to write down your goals,” explained Vilcu.  “If you don’t see it and read it every day it will get lost, if you do it every day for 30 days it becomes a habit and it becomes ingrained and you’re also reading your steps as to how you’re going to achieve it.” 

Step five is to use positive affirmations in the present tense, “Instead of saying I want to lose twenty pounds all you’re focusing on is losing twenty pounds instead of, ‘I’m at my ideal weight.’” 

Vilcu says, “It’s really important that you do not judge, filter or qualify anything that you’re writing down, it has to come straight from your heart,” shared Vilcu.  “Even if it seems ridiculous.”  

Vilcu also noted to achieve new goals, it may mean looking at current belief systems and taking time to reflect as to why we operate within that mindset, including what we learned as a child.